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How to Treat Optimal the Cancer With Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Immunotherapy

Researchers always work hard to develop treatment cancer. They find how to treatment cancer effectively and safely. There are many treatments that can be your choice, but decide which if right for you is important. So that, there’s doctor can help you at every stage of cancer.


Some people use one treatment, but other people can have combination of treatment. They have more than one treatments, such as surgery with chemotherapy. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and confused, it’s normal. Talk with your doctor can help you feel better.


Here are cancer treatments :


Chemotherapy is cancer treatment that target cancer sell by drugs either in specific area (regional chemotherapy) or throughout body (systemic chemotherapy). The drugs will kill cancer sells.


When chemotherapy can be used?

-          Primary treatment to exterminate cancer sells

-          Previous another treatment to shrink tumor

-          Following another treatment to exterminate cancer sells

-          To alleviate symptoms of advanced cancer


Chemotherapy drugs may be given by :

-          Orally (taken by mouth), the drugs may be pill or liquid.

-          Infusion (through an intravenous drip), it may take few hours.

-          Injection (through a needle injected)

-          Topically (spread on the skin), the form of drugs is cream.

-          Intrathecal (given into central nervous system directly)

-          Intraperitoneal (given into abdominal cavity directly)

How are the drugs are given depends on kind of clinical factors and personal preferences. Don’t worry, your doctor help and tell what should you choose.



Surgery may be used to diagnose, stage and treat cancer. Not everyone can be do surgery, it is depends on type, location, grade, and stage of tumor, also general health factors (age, physical fitness, other illness or condition). Surgery may be combined with other treatment of cancer, like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or hormone therapy. The other treatment may be do before or after surgery to help avoid cancer growth, spread, or recurrence.


Radiation Therapy

Radiation uses high doses of targeted energy (such as X-rays, radioactive substances) to kill cancer cells, shrink tumor, or relieve cancer related symptoms.


When radiation therapy can be used?

-          Primary treatment to exterminate cancer sells

-          Combine with other treatment to discontinue cancer cells growth

-          Previous another treatment to shrink tumor

-          Following another treatment to discontinue cancer cells growth

-          To alleviate symptoms of advanced cancer



Immunotherapy can treat cancer by helps immune system against cancer. This biological therapy uses substances that made from living organisms. Normally, immune system detects and kill abnormal cells like tumors. Sometimes there are immune cells in and around tumors. These cells are named tumor infiltrating lymphocytes or TILs. TILs are proof that immune system is respond to the tumor cells.

Some cases, cancer cells have methods to prevent immune system destroy them. These methods may :

-          Cancer cells have genetic changes, so that they are less visible to immune system.

-          Turn off cells by having protein on their surface cells.

-          Interfere how immune system respond to cancer cells by changing normal cell around them.

Immunotherapy may be given by :

-          Intravenous

-          Oral

-          Topical

-          Intravesical


Targeted Therapy

This therapy targets proteins that have control to grow, divide, and spread the cancer cells. Before get the drug, tumor need to be tested to know if it has targets. Then, doctor will give specific drugs for targets.

Targeted therapy against cancer cell in many ways, such as :

-          Help boost immune system to kill cancer cells. Sometime cancer cells hide from immune system. Cancer calls are marked by certain targeted cells, so that easier found by immune system. Then immune system will kill them.

-          Can prevent proteins tell cancer cells to divide, so that help slow uncontrolled growth of cancer cells.

-          This therapy combined with toxins, chemotherapy drugs, or radiation. So that while cancer cells attached by monoclonal antibodies (targeted therapy), automatically they take up the cell-killing substances, lead them to die. Normal cells will not be harmed, because they don’t have the target.

-          Lead cancer cell run into process of cell death.

-          And others.


Hormone Therapy

This therapy uses hormone to slows or stops cancer cells growth. It can be used on cancer cells that use hormone to grow, such as prostate and breast cancers. There are 2 type of hormone therapy, block body to produce hormone and interfere hormone behave.


Precision Medicine

Doctors select the treatments for their patients based on genetic understanding. Tumors have genetic changes to grow and spread them. The changes may occur in one person’s cancer, and may not occur in others person. Even though they have same type of cancer. The same changes may be found in different cancer types.


Many kind of cancer treatment can be your choice. Talk to your doctor, whether treatments are suit for the cancer. Good luck. Stay healthy and safe.

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